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Why Should I Use Cadeskindia For Trademark Objections In India ?

The Trademark objection in India may occur when trademark regulations are breached. Irrespective of the reason, reach out to Cadeskindia to file a Trademark objection reply in just three steps.tect your brand in 3 simple steps –

Fix an appointment

Just reach out to our experts at Cadeskindia through our website. All The notice's effects will be evaluated.

Provide the documents

On call, get all your queries resolved and provide all the documents. We will draft a formal affidavit in response to the objections.

Initiate the process

You can start using the TM symbol as soon as the application is submitted and you will receive updates until registration is complete.

Fix an appointment

Just reach out to our experts at Cadeskindia through our website. All The notice's effects will be evaluated.

Provide the documents

On call, get all your queries resolved and provide all the documents. We will draft a formal affidavit in response to the objections.

Initiate the process

On your approval we will start the required process without any delay. The attorneys will show up if a first interview is necessary.
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Trademark Objection in India - an Overview

Trademarks are important intellectual property for business. In a year multiple trademarks are applied. Not all the trademarks are accepted. Some trademarks are rejected and are not registered. Examiners search databases in order to find older trademarks that are identical to or confusingly similar to the mark under consideration. The trademark examination report summarises the results of the trademark examiner's investigation and the reason for trademark objection process.

Documents Needed to File Trademark Objection Reply

The following documentation is needed for trademark objections process:

  • Report on authorised document
  • Trademark examination report
  • Identification documentation
  • Process for address verification in trademark opposition
Trademark Objection Process
  • Follow the progress of your trademark application
  • Look into the trademark complaint
  • File a trademark objection reply
  • Review and double-check the response before filing
  • Obtain commentary on the department's response
  • If your response is positive, your trademark will be published in the trademark journal
  • As an applicant it is mandatory to appear during the hearing of The trademark.
How to File Trademark Objection Reply

It is mandatory to file a Trademark objection reply to the authorities within the given time frame.CA Desk India can tackle the Trademark objection process easily without any hassles. As soon as you receive a Trademark objection notice read it thoroughly to analyse the grounds of objection.

  • The first and foremost step is to file counter statement to the trademark objection process within a span of 2 months from receiving the notice
  • The registrar will file for a hearing after receiving the Trademark objection reply
  • You can provide the proof and other documents to prove your point
  • Despite providing the documents if the registrar rules in favor of the opposing party you can appeal to the Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB)
  • The counter has to be filed within 3 months from the date of passing the order
  • In case of any delays the applicant should explain the reason along with the fine of ₹2500
  • If the reason is acceptable the IPAB will fix the date for hearing
  • The filing process must be carried out in accordance with the IPAB's rules and regulations
  • All the documentation has to be verified, all the application has to be endorsed by the deputy registrar
  • If the deputy registrar finds any defects with the application a notice will be provided
  • The corresponding changes have to be completed and submitted within 2 months
  • In case of any delays the application will be abandoned
  • Based on the provided documentation the IPAB will decide the case.
Reasons for Trademark Objection in India
Utilising Incorrect Trademark Form

If the registrar finds that The trademark application is not in the right format a trademark objection process will be initiated. The applicant may overcome this objection by submitting a trademark alteration request on form TM-16.

The applicant name on the trademark application is incorrect

Under the scenario the corresponding authorities will initiate the trademark objection process. Based on the rules and regulations the applicant name has to be submitted on the trademark application on Form TM-16. In case of any mistakes, requests should be raised for altering the same through Form TM-16.

Not submitting the TM-48 trademark form

If Form TM-48 is missing an attachment or is filled out erroneously, a trademark examiner will initiate the trademark objection process.If someone other than the applicant has submitted the application, a properly stamped power of attorney in their favour must be filed.

The applicant must ask for the reasons in order to overcome an objection for submitting a Form TM-48 that is wrong or incomplete. The applicant must submit a request for the trademark application to be rectified in order to override an objection for an erroneous or incomplete Form TM-48.

Address is not correct on the trademark application

It is mandatory to provide the business address on Form TM-16. If the business address is wrong then the Trademark objection process will be initiated by the corresponding authorities. The applicant's Indian address must be recorded on Form TM-16 because they don't have a sizable place of business there. The applicant has to submit a trademark application rectification request using form TM-16.

Unclear Specification of Goods or Services

The description of goods and services for Trademark Class xx is extremely broad and vague. On Form TM-16, the precise goods for which the trademark registration in India is requested should be listed. If a concern is voiced regarding the description of goods or services, Form TM-16 is used to propose a correction to the trademark application.

Similar Trademark Exists

If already registered trademarks are identical to the applied trademark then there are high chances that the current trademark owner may face objection. The trademark application cannot be registered since there are already registered trademarks for comparable or identical goods or services as per the Trade Marks Act of 1999. Identical trademarks among the trademarks may result in confusion among the general population. By claiming that the trademarks listed as competing marks are different from their own, the applicant can take corrective action.

Why CA Desk India?

CA Desk India has the best attorneys to complete the whole process without any delay. We can tackle the trademark objection process in India in just a few clicks. Our In-house trademark experts can finish all the formalities without any hassles. Reach out to us through our websites and get your process kickstarted.

FAQs on Trademark Registration Online

What is meant by Trademark Objection?

When the examiner is unsatisfied with the trademark, they may object to it. The trademark should comply with all the rules and regulations. The applicant will receive an intimation and must respond within thirty days.

Where to get the Trademark Objection report?

IPI India’s trademark examination report of the objection over trademark.

How much time does it take to reply to a Trademark objection?

In response to an objection received, trademark experts draft and file a reply within three days.

Is there any difference between Trademark objection and Trademark Opposition?

In trademark objections, the examiner raises questions about the registration criteria, whereas in opposition, a third party contests the trademark’s credibility fall under the Service section.

What are the various grounds available for Objection?

There are two grounds for raising trademark objections: absolute and relative grounds.

What happens when the trademark reply fails to satisfy the trademark office?

The trademark application is rejected if the reply does not meet the criteria.

Is there any government fee to file a reply for the trademark examination report?

A reply does not require a fee from the Government.

Does the applicant need to be physically present during the procedure?
The applicant doesn’t need to be physically present. Vakilsearch can draft a trademark objection reply and initiate the process easily.

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